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  • Setting up our own service for handling emails

    We used to use the commercial SparkPost ESP (email service provider) to send and receive emails for Recently, SparkPost decided to cut down their free account from 100.000 to 500 emails/month - not enough for us.

  • Current topics of Karrot (February 2018)

    We came quite far already, and there’s so much to do!

    Sharing features

    • person-to-person food sharing (“food baskets”) would be a fitting addition so that people don’t have to use other platforms for sharing food. It would also be a huge plus if new visitors arrive on the website (or the app) and can see the food baskets. -> Issue
    • public locations for food distribution could be added, as many groups use the to distribute food in the real world. they could also be public and help users to get into karrot. -> Issue
  • Karrot applies again for Rails Girls Summer of Code - Questions and Answers

    Last year it was a nice experience, so we applied again this year. In this post, I’m going to publish answers to questions that arise from time to time. Expect updates!

  • Launch of a new version!

    Launch of a new version! After months of coding, we replace our good old AngularJS frontend with the shiny new VueJS version. It features much more than just changed internals:

    • Fresher colors, new layout and improved forms
    • You can talk with other members on the new “wall”, the home page of your group
    • Better mobile navigation with tabs on top and bottom navbar
    • Profile pages are much richer
  • Introducing Karrot

    As you may have noticed the name of our precious foodsaving tool has changed to Karrot. We thought it was the right time to give it a real name. The software itself should be easier to recognize and have more of an identity in itself.

  • Adventures in the Code Ocean – A RailsGirls Fairy Tale

    Once upon a time there was an issue on GitHub. It looks tiny but very useful: just two new fields in the database for saving user feedback. One day two RailsGirls discovered the issue. They liked it very much and so they decided that the feedback issue should be their first issue. That was the start of an adventurous journey.

    You must know: the ocean of tech knowledge is incredible large! The two RailsGirls spent years at the shore working at the edge of the programming ocean. Some day they dipped their feet in the water – and it didn’t hurt.

  • Some answers

    There were some questions coming up over the last few days. I take this as an opportunity to answer them publicly.

  • Let's walk through together!

    When you first arrive on, you will be greeted by a calm landscape photography, overlaid with three heavy buttons: Blog, Login and Team. Hold on - before you press one of the buttons, take your time to first scroll down a bit…

    (This page uses the mobile view to make the screenshots smaller. It looks roughly similar on a Desktop computer, with elements rearranged.)

  • Store Multiview

    Another recent change is the store multiview, which you probably have noticed already. To improve the general overview, @d0npiano put the store list on the side of the group view, as well as the store detail.

  • Recurring pickups

    One of the biggest completed task recently is the implementation of recurring pick-up dates.

    After long struggles with timezones, daylight saving time and the implications of such for a user base that will hopefully be distributed over the whole globe, @tiltec prevailed!

  • Welcome!

    A lot is happening on the foodsaving tool pages lately! New features are manifold and motivation is high, as new and old contributors put in unparalleled amounts of time and energy to make this tool and page nice and useful for everybody.


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